Is India ready for the third wave of Covid-19?

We’ve been through this pandemic since 2019. It’s only in January 2020 we came to know about it, too late to take any precautions as such. The nation started to witness a huge number deaths and got to understand the severity of this virus. The only option left for the government was a nationwide lock down. On the evening of March 24, 2020, the government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, announced a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, i.e till 14th April 2020, but was extended further for months.

This affected the nation in a drastic manner with the downfall in the economy of the country, rise in unemployment, poverty, theft and robbery. Everything brought into the nation a complete chaos. It not only affected the country economically but also the mental health of the people. The suicide rate during the pandemic has increased drastically. We humans need companions. Maintaining social distance and not to talk and meet anyone in person is really difficult for a normal human. It’s just that we are not use to, though it has become a new normal now.

The education system collapsed completely during this pandemic. Online mode of education can never replace the offline mode, no matter how much technically capable we become. Never in the history had matriculation and intermediate examination be cancelled. Now as it has, students have taken things so lightly that examination don’t fear them anymore. Children now, are the future of our country. What will these students grow up and do? How will our country develop further? Will our country be safe in their hands? We don’t have an answer to these. This pandemic no matter how soon we wish to end, is going to have a long term effect on everybody’s life.

‘COVID third wave to hit India in August’

A research report has predicted that India may witness the third wave of COVID-19 in mid-August 2021, raising the alarm bells for policymakers and citizens. The research claims that the COVID third wave peak will arrive in the month of September 2021. According to the SBI report, the global data shows that on average, peak COVID-19 cases reached during the third wave are nearly twice or 1.7 times those from the second wave of the pandemic.

Are we ready for the next wave to hit? Everything that’s happening to happen once again?

No, right? The people of our country are not at all, though the government is arranging for beds, oxygen and all other necessities. The people on the other hand are planning trips and vacations. Just a month ago, people were struggling to get oxygen and a bed at the hospital. Now the same people are struggling to get rooms at a resort in Manali.

India registered 43,393 new COVID-19 cases today from peak of 4 lakhs in the 3rd week of May. 44,459 recoveries, and 911 deaths in the last 24 hours, as per the latest update by the Health Ministry this morning. As per the data shared by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), there has been been a slowdown in the downward trend of daily COVID infections and a slight increase in the positivity rate. Yet, third wave is knocking the door. Beware!


The only way you can be a little safe during the third wave is through vaccination. Though it’s very difficult to get your slots booked, try and vaccinate yourself as soon as possible. Vaccination too cannot protect you from the virus completely. Go out only if necessary and wear masks properly. It’s better to stay away from crowded places to avoid being caught by the virus.

Get yourself vaccinated and stay home!

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