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Social Media and Mental Health

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Social media plays a very important role in shaping our mind, personality.

And talking about mental health, yes social media effects our mental health sometimes in positive and some times in negative ways. It all depend upon what you wish to see in social media.

It you follow negative people like the people who are always showing off and bragging about everything then they might effect you negatively so we should stay away from such people. We should be very careful in choosing what to follow and we should always keep a filter and grasp only positive things. Every one is different and if certain pages or account trigger you unfollow them or you can even mute them.

And in tern you should fill that void with positive content like following business pages they post very positive content which help you to grow mentally.

We should take of our mental health First then comes everything else. so if you wish to take a break from social media you can at any moment. frankly speaking nobody cares whether you are their or not they won’t even stop having FOMO and do it.

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