The mirror is the real you, where you run to prove it not. Not only mirror shows your external appearance also it shows how your thoughts and attitude be. Even a accused can confess his feel of guilt on the court, but a man doesn’t on mirror. Lot of people don’t ever look at windows, as they try to hide their original in themselves.

The mirror can question you anytime, it has the power to touch your soul where nobody cannot. The mirror influence either you in good or bad ways but it runs through you. Mirror knows a demon behind your smile and an angel behind your anger.

The mirror smiles on you if you smiles at seeing it or it cries if you’re in tears. It will not only helps you to beautify your skin,hair it also influences your habit. If you’re in love, then definitely you’ll always with a mirror. If you’re in depression, then you’ll never take a look on it.

Literally you’re naked before the mirror, your cunning skills, your intelligence, your knowledge, your everything fails before a mirror. You can’t hide anything from it. So try to be yourself whatever the situation demands. You should be only,the you.

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