What Is Creativity In Business?

“Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an experience with you is your trademark.”

Jay Danzie

Salut! Let us first discuss the evolution of a perfect company. It starts with the owner’s hard earned money (through different sources of course 😉 ) singlehandedly. With growth in sales, the owner feels the need to have assistants to help him out which encourages him to hire a few eligible ones. They are so eligible and proficient that the company keeps experiencing surplus which fetches high amount of customers until it becomes a reputed brand to generate regular customers. However, the owner realizes that apart from his regular customers, the new ones weren’t bothering to choose his brand. Then, he shapes his services in a way that distinguished his company from the competitors. What do you think did he do?

He used ‘Creativity’ which is so essential in business if you wish have an edge over the others. He creatively increased the convenience in his services thereby attracting larger audience.

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken for instance, originally dealt with the sale of chicken and now surprisingly includes burgers, softies, cold drinks, and other finger licking attractions. Why do you think did they need to evolve? KFC originally was started by Colonel Harland Sanders on a small scale but as his popularity increased, he transformed to a brand which is so high in demand today. Customers make a brand. However, to get a variety of customers apart from the regular chicken friendly ones, they decided to assign variations into their services which includes burgers, soft drinks, softies, mousses and what not!

Creativity in business demands cooking up interesting services from the existing ones. In short, coming up with variety from a single theme! For instance, the above example where an eatery for chicken evolved into multiple scrummylicious items!

Convenient services avail more benefits for customers. That is where creativity comes into the picture. How well can you craft convenience in your services without imitating your competitor? How well can you observe the convenience policy and services of your competitors and frame an entirely unique service which could fetch great surplus? Which services would have a greater demand and how will it be unique from the competition? If you master the above questions by coming up with a suitable answer, then your business is fully secured and benefits are awaiting you!

Why do you need to be unique though when people are more attracted to the common services? People normally think that common services send Express posts to customers thereby inviting them faster than usual but they fail to contemplate over the fact that they aren’t alone in the market and that their competitors are like sharks who won’t let them survive!

That’s exactly why, we yearn for creativity. Everybody wants to go for a unique idea that would have no competitors because attacking or imitating the services of your competitors will only damage relations and may make matters worse! In a fit of rage, your competitors may not allow customers to reach out to you and may act as hitchhikers in the way by showing your customers directions towards their company instead of yours! They may badmouth your services and show your weak side to the mob. The extent of enmity can’t be predicted because nobody likes a “Copy Cat”.

Thus, one can conclude stating that Creativity is all about understanding the changing desires of the mob or the market trends and to subtly begin including a variety in your services or fine tune the existing ones with amazing facilities that offer whole lot of conveniences!

Thank You For Reading!