Today while I was attending my friend’s birthday party, I noticed something that prompted me to write about it. Alongside our group there was another group at this club. They all were easily below the age of twenty but their behavior was totally unacceptable. They were completely drunk and had no regard for the other guests. They were hogging the dance floor and when my friends and I tried to dance in the corner, they deliberately started bumping into us. One of the girls in my group even pushed him away hard but they didn’t budge from their conduct. They continued with their acts and finally we had to give up and get down the dance floor. The level of discomfort we felt during that moment can’t be accurately described. Even though two of the guys of their group came and apologized but doesn’t give them the right to behave like that in the first place. My question is Do people think that being drunk can be an excuse for everything? Why does our youth depend on alcohol to have fun? How can you make people around you uncomfortable and not even care a little?

It seems as if alcohol has become a lifestyle. Somehow consuming alcohol at a young age makes you “cool”. Surveys have shown that 75% youngsters in India consume alcohol before reaching the legal age. This normally starts with “I’ll have a few sips only” and ends up at binge drinking all weekend long. Around 80% of youth have at least tried alcohol once even if they didn’t develop a taste for it. Another factor that has ruined our youth is ‘Peer Pressure’. There are several examples where we can see a youngster following whatever the group says even though he is completely unwilling. As if peer pressure wasn’t enough, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) creeps in the minds of the youth. They feel as if they are missing out on something amazing because they see their friends having fun without realizing that their happiness is short lived. And before you know it that first drink turns into the first of many drinks to follow.

Other than the above mentioned reasons, it is a popular belief that kids take up drinking at a young age either because their parents regularly do so or because their parents introduce them to it. Children who take up drinking by following their parents never learn how to drink moderately because they generally do it secretly. On the other hands those who are introduced by their parents can learn to moderate their number of drinks. But the question still remains as to why is the youth so obsessed with drinking at an early age? The only reasons that come to mind are: because they are curious, to make themselves feel good, to relieve stress or to fit it. Do they not realize the risk they are putting themselves into? If they do, is it really worth it?

If you did not know it earlier, let me clarify you that alcohol can make you look extremely stupid especially if consumed without a check. You embarrass yourself, you embarrass the group you came with and in no way it that considered “cool”. In fact it is very disrespectful towards the people who are there for a good time. Drinking before legal age can even get you arrested. How would that be perceived among your peer group who you were trying so hard to impress? If this doesn’t persuade you to stop drinking then maybe when you grow a little older and your health starts to deteriorate, you would realize the hell you put your body through for a very short lived moments of fun.

If you don’t want to drink just say so. Don’t give into this vicious cycle. Stop drinking at every social gathering. If you problem is extreme, talk to an elder. Ask for help. One day you’ll be very thankful you stopped when you did. Don’t let alcohol ruin your youth and create problems for your adulthood. Stop before it becomes an addiction. Stop before having a drink turns into doing drugs. You will realize how your brain slowly loses its function when you feed this poison to your body. Remember, with alcohol the fun is temporary but the consequences are permanent.

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