Cancer, book, me!

Dude Wasted 6-7 years trying to understand science ( failed miserably) , reading fiction (mostly Assamese , some  English ) ….. Time for some solid non-fiction books ( not self help books) , let’s do some real work  before mf chronic disease dm me ….

~hey do you sometimes cough , sneeze?
Yes I do 
~ Google is programmed ( rather websites) to convey you that you have cancer ….. Start chemotherapy 
 mf typing best oncologist in India( because dude want to contribute in GDP of America, India ,….etc , of course dude is going to die . He wants to do some social shit )
Dude is dying , dude feel cheated , dude started hating capitalism, dude want to read Marx and all…. Dude is now confused , dude choose to die less painfully ( studying Marx itself is pain) .
Rip Dude 

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