Say No to Mensuration Taboos

Mensuration is the natural reproductive process tackled by every female which can be a direct indicator of their adolescence stage. It usually occurs with the age of 12 to 15 years. We all live in a modern era where staying at a living relationship is quite normal and acceptable but the menstrual blood is still considered as a stigmatizing mark. Comparing it with other bodily fluid like breast milk or semen, menstrual blood is considered as the most impure and filthy one. When a woman is in her mensuration she is believed as dirty and unclean. In some countries mensuration is said to be magical where the family give treats and celebrate as the arrival of mensuration depicts the femaleness and adulthood of the girl. On the other end of the spectrum it is considered poisonous where the female are considered dirty and unhygienic.

There are several social and cultural taboos which directly relates to mensuration. These myths were originated since the Vedic time. According to the Hindu customs the female who are in there days are forbidden from taking part in the mundane activities. Also before entering to her normal days she needs to get purified. But scientifically we can that the actual reason behind mensuration is ovulation followed by missed chance of pregnancy which ultimately results in bleeding. Thus, if we see scientifically there is no presence of impurity in mensuration rather it’s a biological process which has an essential role in a female’s life.
There are end numbers of restriction faced by the females of the society during these five days. Entering the puja room as well as kitchen is strictly forbidden during mensuration.  Other than this if a girl is on her days she is not allowed to offer prayers to God or even touch holy books or else holy things. In several place it is said that mensuration is that phase when the girl is extremely impure and unhygienic and in case they cook the food it can also get contaminated. There are some more famous myths that if a female touches pickle during her days it could turn to be inedible because the body releases some smell that directly make the food uneatable. But if we see scientifically till date there is no reason found which could suggest mensuration as the primary reason for making food inedible. Whereas, religious and cultural taboos suggests this period is connotation with evil spirit, disgrace and a time embarrassment too. In some cultures females are forced to burn the clothes used during periods to avoid evil presence and black magic, surprisingly such notions and beliefs are still practiced in a country like India. In some parts of our country consuming sour foods are not allowed during periods as it could disturb the flow of blood.
Taboos on mensuration are really disgraceful and have an ill effect on the females state of mind, emotion as well as it affect them mentally and physically too. There are certain health hygiene issues too faced by the females as in the ruler area still the girls used old clothes repeatedly. Because of all these myths of mensuration there are certain health issues in the reproductive organs too as not taking bath can results in compromising in the hygiene.
Mensuration and its taboos are never-ending and these myths are faced by every girl at some point in their life by overcoming such myths are possible. The only thing we have to do is spread awareness. Making people aware has a key essential role in fighting against this battle. And this could be only succeeded when there is proper literacy. The women should be empowering by education and should know how to make self-decision in life. The sanitary napkins should be lower in cost so that it could be affordable for the people living in the slum areas too. There should be more programs organized related to mensuration are its role in a person’s life. Summing up that everything has certain pros and cons it depends on us how we take it.

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