Step 1:- Fill the Branch Code and Branch Name where service is being availed.

Step 2:- Mention Date and Time

Note:- Non Bank Customer/ Walk in Customer or Indo-Nepali NEFT Remittance can also avail the facility of NEFT and can transfer an amount up to Rs. 50,000 by vising a Bank Branch.

Step 3:- Tick the type of transfer required i.e. NEFT or RTGS.

Note:- If the amount is Rs. 2,00,000 or above, then tick RTGS otherwise tick NEFT.

Step 4:- If using a cheque for transfer, then fill the details like cheque number and amount

Note:- Sender need to write “Bank Name- NEFT” in Pay Column on Cheque in case of NEFT transaction and “Bank Name- RTGS” in Pay Column in case of RTGS transaction

Step 5:- Fill Beneficiary Details i.e. the person to whose account the amount is to be transferred.

NEFT vs IMPS vs RTGS: Which One Should You Opt To Make Fund Transfer? -  informalnewz

Beneficiary Details include:-

Beneficiary Name as per Bank Records

Beneficiary Account Number

Beneficiary Address

Beneficiary Bank Name and Branch

Beneficiary Bank IFSC Code

Account Type i.e. Resident/ Non Resident

Amount to be Credited ( In Figures)

Amount To be Credited (In Words)

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Step 6:- Fill Remitter/Sender Details i.e. the person from whose account the amount is to be transferred.

Sender/ Remitter Details

• Remitter Name as per Bank Records

• Remitter Account Number

• Cash Deposited ( For Non Bank Customer)

• Mobile/ Phone Number of Remitter

• E-Mail Id

• Address of Remitter

• Remarks

Immediate Payment Service - IMPS Payment & Fund Transfer | Instant Money  Transfer

Step 7:- Read the terms and Conditions

Step 8:- Attest the authorised Signature

Note:- All the account Holders need to attest their signature in case of Joint Account

Note:- If the transaction is done using a Current Account, then the Company Stamp is mandatory to be attested.

After verification of details, the transaction will be processed and conducted. The amount will be debited from Remitter’s Account and will be credited to the Beneficiary Account .

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