Does Art Really Matter in Our Daily Lives?

Art is known to surround life, every individual in different locations, without us being aware of it fully.  Since time has been immemorial, art has existed as long as man has and has exited ever since. It is an integral part of our culture, which contributes in shaping our ideas, and vice versa, and it provides us with a deeper understanding of our emotions, increases our self-awareness, and more. To conclude that art is only confined to the artist or the painter, the dancer, the sculptor, the musician or the singer or other craftsman is to look at a needlessly rigid and a restricted view of life. Life itself is known to be art and though poets and artists may seem visionaries, they have a specific and distinct role to play in our being. Almost every individual has some form of art in their house—a hanging painting, framed photographs on walls, a decorative table center piece and even the main layout and design of a house is and can be considered as a form of art.  Art is not restricted purely for looking at it and admiring, a lot of it is functional too which we often don’t realize, especially when it comes to our living spaces and our daily lives.

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Everything from a delightfully patterned cushion cover on the pillow or even a decorative plate and intricate designed teacups can be considered as a form of art.  Our brain is mostly conditioned to think that these type of items or things are not a form of art when it’s only for decoration. Another important element of form of art that adds value in our daily lives is Music, it is similar as art, and is considered to be a universal language and it holds importance in our daily lives which is indisputable. Subconsciously, when we hear music through various forms like on shows, commercials, radio and through other forms of media. Sounds, songs, instruments and music can make life extremely joyful and it can contribute heavily in lifting our spirits up and also till some extent improve our mental health and wellbeing. People think that technology and science are considered to be superior to art or any form of art.

Brain research shows the arts promote mental health

But art makes life worthwhile. It may not be as vital to fulfil our basic wants or necessities, but it does add value into our lives and brings colours in it as well. As we proceed our journey of a fast-paced life with quick decisions, moments, time and with many fragmented thoughts, art allows us to learn from every moment and to enjoy each moment and to make it memorable. Understanding our true emotions can help us heal from pain, grow and improve ourselves to become better humans. It helps in increasing our self-awareness and through that it can lead to more success professionally and personally. Through any form of art, we gain a better understanding of history, culture and tradition. It helps people in the present to build a better life for themselves.