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Hug – The Insulated Collapsible Mug

“Creativity is making marvelous out of Discarded” 

Plastic Cups Pollution:

The world uses about 500 million plastic cups every year. That’s really a massive amount. Imagine these plastic cups dumped as a pile. These piles add up every year and the number tends to increase due to the increase in population. These wastes make the environmentalists who are bent over backwards in attempts of cleaning up the wastes feel exhausted. The plastic cups are not used intentionally. They are used because of the lack of an alternative. Many people have guilt about using these plastic cups. Most of us would have thought of having a reusable, variable size and handy cup. But we are provided with either or options which is just partially beneficial.

Hug – The Mug:

“Every lock has a key. Every problem has its solution” 

Ruary Hewson has carefully observed the situation and has come up with an exquisite design. The features of the mug are listed as follows:

  • Double Walled Insulation: The Mug is double-wall insulated which makes it suitable for all environmental conditions, You can also heat it up in the microwave and have your drink piping hot. 
  • Customizable Height: The height of the cup we use varies according to the drink and time of the day. Hug has an option for every such choice. It has 9 customizable height options to choose from. 
  • Patent Pending Lock Mechanism: Hugcomes with a lock mechanism to lock at the height of your choice at a jiffy. The lock and unlock mechanism is built to last for 1000 cycles of its use.
  • Pocket-friendly and quick: Hug can easily fit into the pocket of your jeans, sweatshirts, purses and what more do we need? The speed of stretching it can be done in a blink of an eye. It can be done within 3.4 seconds. 
  • Recycled: The cups are fully made from Recycled plastic which means it recycles the past used plastics and prevents the future use of plastics. 
  • Spill-proof: The major hassle in using cups is spills caused by them on our precious assets. Hug is way cooler. It is completely spillproof and provides you with an unperturbed user experience. 
  • Cool and Colourful: Hug comes with 4 vibrant colours to choose from and thus removing the restrictions of you to be cool with your cup. 

Facts about Hug:

  • Hug is backed by 4500 backers for $ 2,04,205 which is 45 times higher than the amount targetted for. 
  • The campaign is about to end in 4 days and rock with the delivery by next year.