North Korea- 8 weird truths

Hello all! We are going to see 8 weird truths and facts about North Korea and their President Kim Jong Un. These may be shocking, funny, alerting and also bad. The are news like economy of North Korea is dipping. But their President don’t care about his people and the people are struggling in the nation where they cannot rise their voices against the government. Let’s go into the topic.

1. Pleasure squad

This squad was originally named as “joy squad” by the father of Kim Jong Un. This “joy squad” was created by Kim’s father for Kim’s grandfather. Normally a father won’t tolerate or accept this kind of behaviour or character from his child. But Kim’s grandfather accepted that and congratulated him for that deed. After 1983, the joy squad became a regular thing for them and today many college students and school students are selected to entertain the North rulers. And the girls are forced to be in that ‘pleasure squad’.

2. Arresting whole family

Normally in any country if a person does a crime, he would be arrested and put to jail. But in North Korea, the accused, his father, his grandfather and all the men in their family are put to jail. The reason that Kim gives for this rule is that the elders should raise the children in the right way.

3. Restrictions for Kim’s wife

Kim not only makes all these rules for the people of North Korea but also for his own wife. His wife is from a rich family and also a very good singer. Hearing her voice, Kim loved her and married her. After marriage, Kim erased the whole history of his wife. He restricted her to go to her parents’ home. He destroyed all the CD collections of her songs. He renamed her.

4. Permissions for migration

In India, during this Covid-19 pandemic situation, we are getting e-pass to migrate from one place to other. This situation is only during pandemic. But in North Korea, this is a normal and strictly followed rule. The citizens should get permission from the government before leaving to any other places within the country.

5. News

Unlike the breaking news, flash news and other ordinary news that we hear in India, there is no such thing in North Korea. The news that the people hear is telecasted by channels owned by the government alone. There is no internet in the country. This means that the government can create a news for the public, also they can hide a news from them. Kim’s sister manages all these news that are telecasted to the public.

6. School syllabus

There are only 2 subjects for school students. One is Maths and the other is Social Science. Social science is structured in a way that it only covers the good things that Kim and his family did to the people.

7. Kim’s expenses

People in North Korea are starving without food and essential items for life. But Kim’s expenses are much higher. He drinks coffee imported from Brazil that costs around 7000 Indian Rupees. He loves music. So he bought speakers and music systems for 44 crores. He build a threatre in which 1000 people can sit and watch a movie. That is not for public use. He alone sits there and watches movies. There are many articles written on that. Apart from all that, Kim goes extreme in buying Bullet trains. During the rule of Kim’s father, there were 24 such trains, which was increased to 90 during Kim’s rule. That costs around 135 million USD. All these useless expenses costed the poverty for the people.

8. Trendy dresses

If any people wear a trendy dress and comes out, they will be arrested by the ‘fashion police’ and put to jail. Not only the person, but all the men in his/her family. There are also restrictions for hair cut.

Seeing all those happenings in North Korea, we can understand the importance and power of “Right to speak”.

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