What is Body Positivity?

Hardly, anyone can say these days they love themselves the way they are or they love their bodies. Everyone now wants a flawless body. Every time a woman saw another woman walking on the street back then, she would walk away. But now ever time a woman sees another woman, all they notice is whether she is slim or fat. Realizing a woman has slimmer body, you question your size and beauty because that’s what society thinks is an acceptable size for a woman. This idea of being socially accepted through disregard for overweight bodies is what lead to body shaming, also known as Fat Shaming. This action of humiliating not only one’s appearance but other people’s appearance as well resulted in damaging people’s perception about self-love irrespective of size, shape or color. Sadly, women are not the only victims of body shaming. Men go through this emotional trauma as well.

Over the years, people have been emotionally struggling. They have been too hard on themselves to look perfect. They thought the only way they could be accepted by the society is if they lose weight and maintain unrealistic body standards. To challenge this society’s view on bodies and promotion of acceptance of all body sizes, Body Positivity had emanated.

The history of Body Positivity dates back to 1960’s. It emerged with the Fat Rights Movement. A man from New York was unhappy with the way people treated his wife because she was overweight. He handed out copies of an article he had right about a man who had been going through the same problem. Soon, he gathered people and created an association for fat Americans. It’s focus was to address the culture of people discriminating on the basis of their size and shape. In 2012, Body Positivity had gained . But, this time it was supported by people across the world through social media. The message of this movement now focused on ‘all bodies are beautiful’.

Social media played a pivotal role in increasing the popularity of body positivity. It helped people from various parts of the world to share their stories and be part of this movement. The concept of body positivity was foreign to most of the people. There were people who were severely affected by the constant criticism. Body Positivity Movement gave them a voice they were looking for.

However, body positivity has always been misunderstood by the people. It is limited to not one definition. It can mean accepting yourself they way you are or loving and feeling confident in your body. Though, body positivity strives to change people’s perspective about certain bodies, it focuses on self-acceptance and self-love. Embrace your flaws and love yourself unconditionally.

How do I a start journey of self-love?

  1. Think positively about your body. Do not let anybody tell you are fat. Speak for yourself.

2. Exercise not to be thin but to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is not about the size, but about your mental and physical health.

3. Be around positive people. The more you are with negative people, the more negative vibes you get. Avoid negative self-talk.

4. Focus on yourself. Think about the things you love and are passionate about.

5. Always love yourself and embrace your true beauty.

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