No one is perfect in the world but always try to be the better version of yourself. Every person is unique in herself or himself. person’s  behaviour, attitude, character, perception, temper, personality traits make him distinctive.

Be the better version of yourself means making an effort to attain your quintessential self. This is something that applies to every human being, because no one is born perfect. all human beings are distinct  from each other internally and externally. Extrinsic differences are visible for all of us. Evaluation or measurement of any person can’t be done only on the basis of his or her external quality. internal qualities make them exclusive and special.

I think our efforts and hard work assists us to be a better version of ourselves. There are many people who want to become exactly like renowned or eminent personality . there is nothing  wrong with it . Everyone have their own dream  which  they want to fulfil. We all have different capabilities  , potential , abilities and skill those things decide how far you can go and achieve. Always show the world what you really are. Only you know yourself better than anyone. No need to become anyone’s  type.  You are your own type .

 If you’re feeling anxious about self-improvement. confidence , belief in yourself , hard work and perseverance plays very important role in the journey of self improvement. you just need to stick to your goal. Someone else’s life path cannot be your benchmark of success, since they have different  desire, dreams, passions and skills. someone else’s journey would be completely dissimilar than yours.

DISCOVER : you have to discover each and everything about you, before  starting the journey of self improvement, you need to identify some of the point and evaluate them. Identify the person you want to be ,identify  your passion ,area of interest, dream and desire. What is your positive and negative points. what is your expectation , where you want to see yourself in future, identify your area of weaknesses where you need improvement. what  kind of activities do enjoy daily, what is your happiest memory ,what impact do you want to make on the world. Answer all questions sincerely  and honestly.

You also need to evaluate yourself. Evaluate your capabilities, potential and  abilities. Analyze whether your goal is beyond your ability .Compare your potential with your goal. Your target should match with your capabilities. follow smart approach. Make sure that your goal should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bounded. This approach  increase the chances of achieving your goal. Overall you have to explore yourself thoroughly and deeply.

There are a few ways to be a better version of yourself , you  have to take some concrete steps to get there.

  • Let go of limiting beliefs you know and understand yourself better, but do you know who you could be. we hold back by limiting beliefs. Learn to recognize and let go of all limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.
  • Amplify your strengths you should focus more on our strength ,you’ll get even stronger in those areas, becoming more fully yourself along the way.  When you amplify your strengths, you’ll crush the obstacles in your path. It’s also important to focus on your strengths when you hit obstacles – which you will inevitably do.
  • Develop a growth mindset Having a developed growth mindset is essential for converting a person into better version. we all have some areas which require more attention. Successful people deal with it by having a growth mindset. They believe that there are no weaknesses. They focus on areas of improvement , how they can improve and take action to avail any opportunity .
  • Throw out expectations our beliefs create our world, but unfortunately, sometimes our beliefs are not our own. Sometime we set up  target as per the expectations of others. Your vision for who you want to be should be yours , not someone else’s
  • Be willing to shed your old identity when you  determine to find the best of you. You have to voluntarily give up your old identity .people who know your old self might resist due to the feeling of insecurity, But don’t let it become roadblocks of way. willingly accept  the changes and embrace a can do attitude.
  • Tame your fears  whenever you anxious or if you are afraid to try anything , prepare your mind for this kind of situation think about the less scary alternatives  and  possible results .once your mind is  accustomed to this process, you will feel less anxious .and you will be able to take right decision in this kind of circumstances .
  • Set reasonable goals  always set reasonable goal that should be achievable. To boost confidence you can divide your goals into some smaller part that would be achievable in short time. Confidence brings you closer to the better version of you.
  • Create empowering rituals we all know eminent and renowned personalities because they have successfully become the best version of themselves. Any  person’s habit assist him or her to grow. Make good habits like eating healthy food, exercise  daily, be punctual, meditation etc.
  •  Have compassion for yourself  it’s totally fine if you are not where you wanted to be , have compassion for yourself. Instead of worrying deeply about setback, do things that make you happy. And then also analyze negative points and replace it with positive once.
  • Manage yourself effectively  Self management includes time management that should be managed effectively and efficiently. To evaluate yourself you can check your progress on quarterly , monthly and yearly basis Effective time management sets you free from stress, leads you to your ideal self and also gives you self gratification. your management would reflect in your work.
  • Stay positive whatever situation you face in life you have to be positive. its certain to combat  many arduous circumstances in life Make your personality resilient to any kind of adversity, also change your perception towards any problem , take it as an opportunity. Positivity works in a tremendous way.