Causes of Rape

The cause of rape includes military conquest, socioeconomics, anger, power, sadism, traits, ethical standards, laws, and evolutionary pressures that lend some explanation to the causes of sexual violence. No single facet explains the thought process of perpetrator for rape of a particular individual as the underlying motives of the rapist can have many sides.

  • Many people consider sexual aggression as a masculine identity characteristic of manhood. In many male groups it is significantly correlated to the desire to be held higher in esteem among male peers. Sexually aggressive behaviour among young men has been correlated with gang or group as well as having other delinquent peers.
  • People’s obsession with sex often leads to rape. There have been instances where people rape their own mother, sister, minors, infants, old and aged women, women suffering from unsoundness of mind, women in comma or those hospitalized with severe ailments.
  • Men’s desire to control women. More men are tend to boast about their sexual encounters equating them with conquests. People believe that sex requires a man to be aggressive, he feels superior and in control. Husbands rape their wives and seek to justify it as a means of punishment to her or to put her in her place or simply to vent out their frustrations. All those people who believe that woman cannot take no for an answer and force sex to punish or avenge.  People rape their girlfriends, live-in partners, friends and acquaintances.
  • Lack Of Sex Education. Many adolescent boys have an urge to explore. A skewed sex ratio, lack of accessibility and negligible interaction with people of the opposite gender play havoc on impressionable minds now fed with easy access to porn. There are item numbers where the woman is projected as no more than an object of desire. This causes women to be viewed as commodities, meant to be consumed and ravished. Sexually obsessed perpetrators don’t even consider women as human beings but as an object that can be violated with impunity.

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