The human body is a structure of a human being .our body consists of a number of biological system that carry out specific function necessary for everyday living. Human body comprises of neck head trunk arms legs hands and feet. The study of the human body in words anatomy physiology histology and embryology. Many systems and mechanisms interacts in order to maintain homeostasis with safe levels of substances such as sugar and oxygen in blood. The body is studied by health professor physiologist anatomists I am buy artist to assist them to their work.

Elements reside in trillions of cells and non cellular components of the body the adult male body is about 60% water for a total water content of some 42 litres. The content acidity and composition of the water inside and outside cells is carefully maintained the main electrolytes in body water inside cells are sodium and chloride. Now let’s look into the brief picture of the body parts the cell is the fundamental unit of life the body is also host to about the same number of non human cells as well as multicellular organism which reside in the the gastrointestinal tract and on the skin . At the maturity there are roughly 30-37 trillion cells in the body has estimate arrived at by totalling the cell numbers of all the organs of the body and cell. Cells sit in a extracellular Matrix that consist of protein success collagen surrounded under bye extracellular fluids. Tissues the study of tissues is called histology and often occurs with a microscope the body consists of four main types of tissues connective tissue nerve tissue muscular tissue and lining cells. Endothelial cells are the cells that line internal cavity including body tissues and glands organs reside within cavities within the body. These cavities include the abdomen and pleura which contains the lungs. immune systems defends the body against pathogens that may harm the body. The system comprising a network of lymphatic vessels that carry e a clear fluid called lymph. Endocrine system serve as signals from one body system to another regarding and enormous array of conditions and resulting in a variety of changes in function. Immune system provides a mechanism for the body to distinguish its own cells and tissues from outside cells and substance and to neutralize or destroy the latter by using specialised proteins such as antibodies. Circulatory system paths of of blood circulation within the human body which serves as a transportation system to transfer oxygen fuel nutrients waste products from one part to a body to another. Pulmonary circuit which pumps blood to the lungs to receive Oxygen and leave carbon dioxide and systematic circuit which carries blood from the art to the rest of the body. It consists of heart blood blood vessels articles and veins. Digestive system consists of a series of connected organs that together allowed the body to break down and observe food and remove waste the molecular takes the form of protein fat vitamin and minerals. The nervous system controls both voluntary action and sends a signal to different parts of body consists of the body’s nervous and glial cells which together form the nerves, ganglia and gray matter which intern form the brain and related structures. Endocrine system serve as liquids from one body system to another regarding and enormous array of conditions and resulting in a variety of change of function the hormones internal transfer to different tissues and regulate various body functions such as metabolism growth and sexual functions. It gives the body basic structure and the ability for movement all bones are major storage site for calcium and phosphate. Reproductive system consist of the the gonads and the internal and external sex organs the male reproductive system includes the penis and tests , the female reproductive system consists of vagina. Respiratory system consists of the nose masopharynx,trachea and lungs. It brings oxygen from the air and circulate carbon dioxide and water back into the air and executes carbon dioxide. Urinary system apps to eliminate a waste product called urea from the body it room it removes toxic material from the blood in the form of urine which carries a variety of waste molecules. And finally the skin is the body’s largest organ it protects us from the outside world and is our first defence against bacteria viruses and other pathogens are screen helps regulate body temperature and eliminate waste through perspiration.

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