Motherhood : The stage where you start experiencing heaven on earth and I have started my journey to heaven ,”today”.

you are the first person on this earth whom I have started loving even without knowing whether you are girl or boy,dark or white, chubby or thin ,tall or short, no matter how you are, there is only one prettiest baby in this world and that’s mine.

I have experienced many relationships right from my birth like cute little daughter to my parents,the naughtiest sister for my brother,the most caring grand daughter to my grandparents and wonderful better half to my hubby but I have started experiencing something new called motherhood. It is you who made me experience this and I’m loving it.

you are my sun who raised to show me that life is not dark as I thought instead made me realize ,it is bright and beautiful. There is no bigger gift than growing a life inside me and it is you who presented that gift to me .”your life is growing inside me”.

People around me started taking care of me like a baby. They insist me on eating my food and waking me up early morning . They started saving the comfiest chair for me which makes me feel like a Queen.

when I heard your cute little heart beat for the first time, I heard the world’s best rhythm that on other musicians can create. The biggest and a best suprise is that, I didn’t expect that I would love motherhood as much as I do now, waiting to feel your little kicks, even if it is painful I would feel happy that I’m never alone .

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