Why Do We ProCrasTinate!?

Procrastination is that the habit of avoiding urgent tasks despite negative consequences. When people procrastinate, they often delay priorities and instead specialise in smaller , more enjoyable, simpler tasks instead.

Contrary to popular belief, procrastination is quite just laziness or poor time management. When it involves procrastination, telling someone to “just do it” doesn’t work. it might be like telling someone with depressive disorder to “cheer up.”
Although everyone can occasionally procrastinate, chronic procrastination may be a different problem. And consistent with research, as many as 20% of usa citizens could also be chronic procrastinators.

Some of the foremost common reasons for what causes procrastination include:

Low self-esteem
Trouble focusing
Waiting until the eleventh hour
Task aversion
Resisting challenges
Decision fatigue
Difficulty defining goals
A disconnect with the longer term self
Lack of energy
Procrastination prevents you from reaching your full potential—in your relationships, career, and beyond. It impedes teamwork, decreases self-esteem, and even results in depression and job loss. On top of that, people avoid important wellness habits like getting to the doctor or regular exercise.

Procrastination has its own blessings too-

Procrastination causes you to more creative. If you’ve got an enormous , important task before you, it’s natural to procrastinate because it is so daunting. What you would possibly not realize is that even when you are not actively performing on that task, your mind is subconsciously collecting ideas and processing things to organize you for it. meaning that once you actually sit right down to get thereto you’ve got tons more ideas in your head on the way to set about it.

Procrastination helps you to form better decisions. Sometimes you procrastinate on a choice because you are not entirely sure which is that the right choice for you. Your rational mind and your intuition are saying opposite things, and you cannot quite find out which one to concentrate to—or who’s saying what! That’s when procrastination becomes your savior because you avoid jumping into something which may not be right for you. It buys you time to believe all the choices and their pros and cons. Once the deadline arrives, you’re able to make the choice as you’ve done your research.

Although,It’s a cruel irony that it seems to be the days that we’ve loads to try to to that we procrastinate the foremost . Often, this happens because we become so overwhelmed about having 10 bazillion things to try to to that we don’t know where to start out . So, we find yourself doing…well, nothing in the least . Most of the time, overwhelm happens because we’ve an overflowing to-do list, but no plan or structure around how we’re getting to actually tackle those tasks. Or, we’ve one mega task that feels so huge and unattainable that we quite just want to pretend it doesn’t exist.

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