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Only If, above images makes your mouth watering then please give me your 5 minutes and read this post.

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As we all are in the middle of pandemic (Global Corona virus) and World is facing the worst situation ever. Many have lost their life, jobs and known one and this is very sad. when it started there was the number but this ye (2021) its name, yes some where everyone is effected by this, that might be health loss or Money issue or anything. The main pillar of our country is News channels, When its all started in 2019 from News, as per my experience I was getting less information but more negativity from social media or any new channel. I am not sure about your situation but yes I was very scared with the statement which was used by the news host and all.

So, here what I started to overcome this, First I started taking care of things and second spending healthy and good time with family. Yes!! I order to start that I used my phone and one supper information app Which is called and known as “YouTube”. You all having this in your smart phone and that too free. If not you can install in using below link


Wait m kidding you people already having this. I started cooking , main point is I had never cooked any thing what helps me to be a good cook is below:

According to me below is my Top 4 favorite YouTube channel for learn cooking

  • Nisha Madhulika

She is my fav cook over the YouTube, I learned so many things from her. Way of cooking is very fine I think just like my mom so I got more connected with her.

She started her channel on “Aug 2, 2009”. she never stopped then and now she is the first to get 11.7M subscribers in YouTube at this age its really inspiring to new comers like us

She cooks all Indian dished in a very homemade way, even if you are using any specific Masala to enhance your dish test she will teach you how to cook that at home. Cool No!!

So during lockdown when we are prohibited to go out I made dished with help of her video. I have attended her YouTube and website like Please go and check if you like that plz like this post as well.

My fav dish: Gobhi Ka Parath ”

  • CookingShooking Hindi and CookingShooking (English)

My second fav is this CookingShooking, name is so attractive right! This guy name is Yaman Agarwal Joined YouTube on Apr 4, 2017 and till now he is having 11.7M subscribers in his Hindi Channel and 4.26M subscribers in his English YouTube channel.

He is very good at cooking teach you to think in the way that you can relate cooking with work and You can make any dish.

In this age he got many award for this and my mon loves his dished which I made

Here is my fav:

Pani puri:

Veg Dum Biryani:

The above picture of Mr. Kabita, she is having YouTube channel called Kabits’s Kitchen, she started her journey on Oct 7,2014 and currently having 10.7 M subscribers. She will teach you how to cook food using your in home utensils and gas no other equipment needed.


My fav: Oats Chilla “

Before I write any thing about my next cook you must watch my fav dish video ““. The name is “bharatzkitchen” available in Hindi and English and there you will get all the desi recipes in very easy way.

Bharat has joined YouTube on Aug 10 2016 with Hindi channel and having 9.74 M Subscriber till and in his English cooking channel he is having around 514 K subscribers which he started on Nov 14, 2012.

Channel :

English one:

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