Kindness is an act of showing generosity, empathy, and friendliness towards others. A kind person always possesses positive energy towards them. One prominent trait about kind people is that they treat everyone the same. We often notice some selfish people who only try to please their superiors and treat other people with disrespect.

Kind people are always surrounded by people who love them. Their friendly and helpful nature is what attracts everyone towards them. They are also very compassionate, emphatic, and sympathetic. They not just listen and understand the issues people face but they also try to help them.  

Kindness is important in today’s World, where no one cares about each other. Everyone just lives for themselves without helping the people in their surroundings. We all wish to be kind, but then we think about how selfish everyone is, and that no one cares about us. This should motivate us to be kind because we don’t like how people are mean and selfish. So, we need to be kind so others don’t feel this way.

Imagine this situation, a person mistreated their waiter and made them feel low. Now, the waiter comes to serve you. If you empathize with them and make them feel good about the situation, they will always remember your act of kindness.

 Even small acts of kindness given below help create a positive change in someone’s life.

  • Treating people equally
  • Helping the animals in need
  • Listening to people’s issues and empathising with them
  • Making someone feel better on a bad day
  • Not being rude to people
  • Forgiving people
  • Being a helping hand to people
  • Giving honest compliments
  • Being polite and not using harsh language

All these acts mean a lot to the people we are kind towards. Whenever we do something kind, we always feel good inside. It makes us happy. In the same way, we love meeting people who are kind and friendly. No one likes meeting selfish people who only care about themselves.

I still remember the acts of kindness people showed towards me. Once when I had to recharge my metro card, I was short of a coin or two I think I dropped it on the way. But, this kind lady standing in line paid for me. I asked her to take the money I have but she refused and went by. Now, this may obviously seem like a small thing to her, but I will always remember her act of kindness.

In the World of cruel, inconsiderate, and selfish people even small acts of kindness like opening a door for someone or helping someone pick the groceries mean a lot to the person we helped. Giving food to the needy or feeding the dogs on the streets are all things we need to do in our daily lives. We cannot just die living for ourselves. If we have the money and the resources that could help the people around us, we need to do it. Street animals do not have a job that would provide them food. We as human beings have built buildings and roads everywhere and took away nature from animals. It is our duty to give them food, water, and shelter.

Acts of kindness do not make a person small. It only makes them look bigger. People will always appreciate you for your kind behavior. I hope you are now going to help make the World a better place to live in where we treat everyone with love and compassion.

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