Rising Population in India

Every year, July 11 is observe as World Population Day. It is celebrated to raise awareness about various population issues like Gender Equality, Poverty, maternal health and Human rights. This year the theme is “Rights and choices are the Answer: whether baby boom or bust, the solution to shifting fertility rates lies in priortising all people’s reproductive health and rights”.

Today, the world population is approximately 7.7 billion and anticipating 10 billion by 2100. India alone accounts for 17% of world’s total population and soon will become the top populated country surpassing China. With this population explosion, the third world countries are suffering the most because of limited resouces.

India is the second most populated country in the world with 1.3 billion approximate population which is larger in size. Some of the populated cities are Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Chennai. Population has a major impact on the nation’s holistic development. As a result, overpopulation needs to be controlled.

Low literacy rate is one of the top reason for population explosion. Many people in villages don’t know about the birth controlling methods and keep reproducing, further leads to population growth. This factor largely contributes to the population explosion. Another reason can be child marriage which is still a common practice following in many parts of the country. Girls are getting pregnant at a very young age and this process continues for a long time. Government is also not emphasising on population control methods and there are still very less strict laws unlike the other countries.

Growing population is exhausting the national resources. This jeopardising the upcoming generation because it is tough to get an equal share of resources now.  Not only affecting the human beings but also influencing the wildlife. Deforestation for urban living and industrialization is leading to extinction of many spices. Pollution is another crucial reason caused by it. India is now tackling the pollution and global warming problem too.

Even though Government is trying hard to control the population by introducing schemes like two-children policy. It should emphasis on education of people and educate them about the ill effects of population explosion. Also providing them knowledge about birth control methods can do the needful.

Growing population only do harm to us and we should not forget that how much we are suffering due to rising population. And soon it will become difficult to live if these numbers keep rising. People should understand this that it is a significant problem. Also governing bodies should come up with strong laws and practical solutions to control this situation.

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