Highest paying jobs in 2021

Due to covid-19 this year the world has become more digitalized and newer career emerged such as data science, full stack developer, cloud architect etc. There many career fields in the world, as time passes new career emerge. In this blog, I am going to tell you the highest paying jobs in the world right now.


  1. Data Scientist

There is no doubt that data scientist is at number one position. Data Scientist is the super cool job in the 21st century. It is the highest paying job in the world right now. A data scientists are the analytical experts who use statistical methods, data analytics techniques and machine learning to analyze and manage data and draw conclusions. A data scientist should be proficient in Microsoft Excel, SQL. And they should know programming languages like python, R, and Java. They should be familiar with machine learning understanding and deep learning concepts. The average salary of a data scientist is $120,177.

2. Product Manager

Product manager is the second highest paying job in the world right now. A product manager is the role, who is responsible for the development of a product in an organization. They supervise the improvement of a product and they guide the success of the product. The skills that a product manager should have are strategic thinking, excellent oratory skills, neat negotiation skills etc. The average salary of a product manager is $119,000.

3. Cloud Architect

A cloud architect comes third in the highest jobs in the world. A cloud architect who is an IT professional who supervises cloud computing system of a organization. He works with DevOps engineer and developers that right technology is built. A cloud architect must have the knowledge in one of any operating system: Windows, Linux and MacOS. They should know cloud computing technologies like Aws, Azure and GCP. Proficient in programming languages like python, java, and C#. The average salary of a cloud architect is $111,000.

4. Full Stack Developer

Full stack developer comes fourth in our list. A full stack developer is a person who posses skills to develop a web app in both front end and back end of a website. A full stack developer must be proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And at least should know onw of the programming language like python, java, PHP, ruby and should have knowledge in DBMS technology. The average salary of full stack developer is $110,000.

5. Big Data Engineer

Big data engineer comes fifth in our list. A big data engineer is an IT professional who is responsible for designing building, testing, and maintaining data processing system. They should have knowledge in Hadoops, Spark, NoSQL, and RDBMS. They should be proficient in programming languages like python and java, and they should know tools hive and pig. The average salary of a big data engineer is $85,000.

6. DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers comes sixth in our list. A DevOps engineers is the person who understands the software development lifecycle and has the understanding the automation tools for developing digital pipelines. DevOps engineers should have good programming skills and must know programming languages like python, java, JavaScript, and ruby. The average salary of a DevOps is $82,000.

That’s all from my side. I hope you like it.

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