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Welcome to the Series worldddd

A must watch series..!

Let me share about some of the series which can added to your watch on later list.


One the most spoken series of the current trend is Friends. You wanna laugh, you wanna cherish friendship, you wanna spend a better time then you can go ahead with this series. It consists of 10 seasons with 236 episodes . No doubt the 6 friends will make the best time out of you. Don’t miss a fun which might turn into your repeat mode. Worth a binge watching.

2. Family Man

Lets enter into some action and politics. The Family man is absolutely a family entertainment . It is a combination of fun, love, excitement. A middle class family man acts a secret agent whereas the his family thinks him to be a normal office worker. The story covers the nations problem and many more politics. It consists of 2 seasons with 19 episodes.

3. Stranger Things

A world of fantasy filled with the little ones were we can witness their love for their friend , who was gone missing and got struck on the other dimension of the world. They encounter difficulties which ultimately has happiness when friends are around. Though one gone missing they come holding hands with their new friend Eleven, somewhat different from normal human abilities. It consists of 3 seasons with 25 episodes . Can watch if you are really a fantasy world lover and even if not can definitely give a try.


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