Best bookselling websites for Indian Residents.

This pandemic situation hit us hard. Most of our hobbies and entertainments have been taken away by Covid-19. Still, we are rebuilding our lifestyle as it was before with every inch of hope in our hearts. Still, Schools, Colleges, Theaters, and most of the places were shut down, Even during this pandemic, you can continue with your hobby if your major interests are books. There are many websites and Instagram pages that provide a beautiful service for book lovers. Technology is developed to its epitome. We can buy anything that we want with our tiny fingertips and virtual money we don’t even have to step out of the house but, whatever we need it will come to us in a blink of seconds. Only if you have money in the bank and mobile in hand. During this technical life. avid readers only would love to have real books not fake ones like Pdf and Docx. There are many websites and Instagram pages that provide a beautiful service for book lovers. They sell classics, fantasies, and best-selling books at an affordable price.

Bookchor is a famous website for Indian Residents. They also have an app where you can buy both new and old books in perfectly good condition. They conduct many events, giveaways, monthly offers on a particular book. Discount offers for your first orders. Sometimes free blind date book/scented candle/badges/bookmarks along with your orders (according to the amount you spend.)

Every year they conduct The “Lock The Box” bookfair (where you will be given a box according to your preference of amount) All you have to do is load the box with your interested books from the Avenue. This will be like a Treasure Hunt game and you will love the experience.

Worthing. in is a website where you can find many Used, New, Old as well as books in good conditions at the cheapest price range. They also have various offers like Rs. 99/each book, Rs. 149/each best-selling book, Rs. 999/pre-selected 30 books. Rs. 999/ pre-selected Hardcover books.


Battered pages is an Instagram account. It has various collections of books according to genres with reasonable prices. They also encourage book donations and they provide most of their profits to animal welfare associations.


Got a book is an Instagram profile where you can simply DM them to place an order. They sell best-selling books with huge discounts and free delivery all over India.

They are dealing best-selling novels at a reasonable price in almost new condition. Some of their selected best-selling novels start at 99 rupees. Which is highly affordable.


Its also an Instagram profile. They sell best-selling books and bookmarks also, which is affordable and perfectly new and original in quality.

These websites are highly recommended to Readers who want to read and build their library at home. If you are not a reader it’s time to build a new hobby for yourself. So you will never need any other companions to pass your time or to have some fun. If you have a book, You can live all by yourself. You can even gift some books to your loved ones. Remember, books, are the best companion all around the world.

If you have never heard about these websites or,
Either you are an amateur reader or a frequent reader, definitely, these websites/ Instagram pages will wash away your cash with loads of books in your cart.