Gender Equality

Equal rights and opportunities for all.

Opportunities and right should be equal for all. In our society the work is divided into two parts according to our gender, where a women’s appropriate job is cooking for her family and taking care of her children, in our Marathi language it’s called “Chul ani Mul”. Gender equality means that men and women have equal power and opportunities for financial, educational and personal development including own decision making power like a man has full power to take decisions for his own life, in same way a women should also have an equal power to control her own life and making her own decisions inside or outside the home. Dr B. R. Ambedkar the Father of Indian Constitution said “I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved”, but if we don’t give them equal rights and opportunities then how can we say that world is going towards progress.

We are living in 21 century now but still globally, women have fewer opportunities than men , less access health and safety risks. Yet gender issues are not only about decision making or safety but also the relationship between men and women in society. Girls and boys faces gender inequality in their homes, communities and societies every day. Families who are not financially stable and can not afford school fees for all their children will prioritize education for their sons only. An educated girl is more likely to say “NO” to the young marriage, taking smarter decisions and raising her family and children alone. The action, behavior and attitude of boys and men towards girls and women’s is really plays an important role in gender equality, like a women can do a her dream job and take care of her children at a same time then why can’t men, atleast men can help them, can support them. Life of a women or a girl is filled with full of restrictions than men and after all this restrictions if something wrong happens first of all our society assumes that a women is responsible for this even without knowing the truth. Either taking girls and womens responsible for what happened we can tell our boys to respect girls and women’s , can tell boys to treat girls equally so one day we can make a better and safer world for women’s with equal rights and opportunities where “Gender Inequality” word never exist and genuinely we can say that the world is heading towards progress.