Book Review : The world between us

About the author

This book is written by Sara Naveed, who is a Pakistani author, she wrote this book in the year 2020, she usually writes lighthearted romantic fiction stories for the young audiences. Apart from this book she has written three more best selling novels.

The book describes the story of Qais and Amal who belong to two completely opposite world’s and how there world’s collide.

Amal has been widowed on the day of her marriage and Qais on the other hand is devastated by his mother’s death and is unable to cope up with the same . Both the characters are weaved together by different tragedies they faced early on in their life . And and even though they have different coping mechanisms with their loss they both have their own ways to deal with it. Amal is unable to move on after Haider’s death is keeping herself busy with work and family responsibilities, whereas Qais Ahmed has become distant towards his father who is thinks is directly responsible for his mother’s death. Qais seems to be disturbed by an incident at a party in Washington which leads him to quit his job at Microsoft and turn to drugs. Qais and Amal both join a dating app reluctantly, on their respective friend’s request and it ultimately leads them to a date together whereby Amal finds Qais to be a disastrous dating match. After a series of events Qais Ahmed joins the same company as that of Amal. He tries hard to get Amal’s attention, but she doesn’t reciprocate the same initially.

Eventually Amal and Qais fall in love, but there is more then what meets the eye, Amal and Qais are connected with a past incident which has changed both their lives.

Will their love save them and is it bigger then their pasts they are trying to hide from or will it fade away before the truth. These are the questions which arise in a readers mind while we go through their story. Sara has intricately weaved different emotions, both our protagonists go through. The book does feel lengthy at times, it could be a little summarised on some occasions. But the fact that the lead characters story has been defined well enough, makes it a good read all together. The book keeps you rooting for happy ending from the start as both the characters have suffered immense heart break in the beginning. Amal is portrayed as a strong career oriented woman with a mind of her own, who at the same time is very compassionate and soft hearted. Qais on the other hand is a rich somewhat spoilt but an extremely intelligent boy who is also a heartbroken soul deeply disturbed by the events that had unfolded in his past, which makes his story just like that of Amal’s. This book is about two broken individuals who both have the power to make each other whole again through forgiveness and love.

This is an office romance with lots of filmy twists to keep you hooked in this lockdown . Read it on a Sunday morning with a cup of hot coffee and get immersed in this refreshing and feel good story.

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