Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction has now become one of the major problem of our society, particularly in the urban areas. Sometimes frustration and sometimes temptation are the cause of this addiction. Many youngsters are falling victim’s of this deadly curse. As a result, possibilities of these young men and women society are being nipped in the bud. The dishonest traders operate underground, and the deadly narcotics and drug are smuggled into country. It is really surprising to note that these traders manage to thrive at the cost of precious lives and rosy possibilities to our young generation. Many of these drug addict crazy young men are tempted to continue these drugs. Once they take it, they are caught in a death trap. Slowly but surely they are led to death.

One thing that many of these dangers have in common is that they affect not only the user but also have a negative impact on those around them.

Physical dangers to the user include:

• Developing a tolerance to the drug.

• Withdrawal symptoms when trying to cut back or quit.

• Health problems, like irregular heart rate, high blood pressure, lung damage, and seizures.

• Injury, both accidental and self-inflicted.

• Overdose.

• Death.

Dangers can also have social, professional, or interpersonal consequences. These can include:

Becoming pregnant while using drugs and harming the fetus and newborn baby.

Jeopardizing relationships with friends and family.

Neglecting work and school responsibilities.

Involvement in criminal activity and a greater risk of being victimized by crime.

The exact cause of drug addiction is unknown; however, there are factors that may contribute to drug addiction:

An underlying mental disorder, like schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), depression or anxiety.

  • A low sense of self-worth.
  • Emotional distress due to personal, professional, or financial difficulties.
  • Exposure to an environment where drug use is accepted and drugs are readily available.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Genetics.

But we have a duty to fight against this dangerous enemy of our social life. The alarming nature of the problem must be highlighted and people must be made aware of this evil with the help of the mass media. Seminars should be organized in schools and colleges. In west Bengal an anti narcotic cell has been established in Lal bazar, Kolkata. Drug business is punishable and the highest punishment is death sentence in Bangladesh. But no government action can be fruitful unless it is backed by a strong public opinion, especially of the young generation.

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