” I know that changes in me are due to activation of hormones in teenage. The cuddle hormone is responsible for that. I’m the one who likes to enjoy my life to the fullest and I could not control the thoughts that are running at high speed with new energy. I’m curious about to join in a college where I can find many new friends to enjoy the college life along with my academics. I can still remember the first day in my college where I met an unforgettable person in my life.

At initial days I felt delighted to go college and enjoyed my studies along with my friend whom I met on the first day. With in few weeks we both became best friends and we used to bunk the classes when we feel bore. After some days my attendance report was sent to my parents, by seeing my attendance report my parents scolded me a lot. I felt very bad on that day and next day when I went to college I discussed every thing that was happened in my home with my bestie. After listening to my words he cooled down me and made me to feel better from my guilt. At that day I felt happy to have such a friend.

His presence made me to do crazy things with a pretty smile on my face but I have never recognized that I’m neglecting my studies. Slowly my mind got turned to bad things, I started smoking along with my friend with out knowing the consequences. At that time I don’t know that those cigars contain drugs in them. I have addicted to those cigars a lot and my studies got damaged totally. One day, my parents got to know about me through my principle because of a robbery that was made by me and my friend.

When my principle asked me and my friend about the robbery, he simply throwed that mistake on me and escaped from their. I never expected that from him and I regretted a lot for having such a worst person as a friend in my life. I said every thing that happened to me with my parents on that day but they didn’t spill a word on me and immediately next day they took me for counselling. Slowly I started understanding my parents and their love and care on me but I bagged a bad name in front my lecturers and my cousins insulted my parents a lot because of me.

After a lot of counselling sessions I realized about the importance of career in my life and started my new journey with focused mind and today I owned a job in an MNC with an outstanding salary. Guys, I just want to convey you one thing that, be conscious while choosing your friends and don’t neglect the words of your parents especially when your are in teenage. Never forget to learn from your previous mistakes. ”

From the above story, I can definitely say that most of the teenagers have confronted with various situations where they can distract from their studies. The teenager life is too complicated in every persons life and we have to understand that it is a phase where everyone want freedom and wishes to fly heights. So my dear teenagers, beware of your root point where you have to come back though you fly at heights and always remember that time is the precious gift that can’t bring back once if you wasted it. So please use your time wisely to reach your motives with out any distractions.