Giant pandas no longer endangered!

The giant panda (panda bear/ panda) can be found in South Central China, primarily they live in China’s Yangtze river basin. Pandas were actually belongs to group of carnivorous animals but still it eats more of bamboo leaves and shoots. They occasionally eat grasses, wild tubers and even meat of birds or rodents.

Why giant pandas became endangered species of animals?

They were endangered mainly because of habitat loss. During the year of 1984 people of China started to clear bamboo forests which is needed more in number for the survival of pandas because they live in forests, they cannot adapt to live outside the forests and they also eat the same. People used to hunt them to make money from their skins. in the year 1990 pandas were declared as endangered.

Why pandas were removed from list of endangered species now?

After nearly 30 years of struggle to preserve species of giant pandas. Now there is an evidence documenting the increase in population of the pandas. Now 25% China’s land designated for ecological protection according to China’s State Council Information Office.

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