WORLD’S RAREST ANIMALS…fewer than 100.

Humans, with their 7.7 billion population, represent just 0.01% of all living things. Despite this, humanity has wiped out 83 % of all wild creatures and half of all vegetation. And we do not appear to be learning. Due to rampant human intervention, the below-mentioned rare animals are in jeopardy, […]

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India has a high level of biodiversity, with roughly 8% of all species on the earth found there.  It is home to 7.6% of all mammals, 12.6 percent of all avian, 6.2 percent of all reptilian, 4.4 percent of all amphibian, 11.7 percent of all fish, and 6.0 percent of […]

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Giant pandas no longer endangered!

The giant panda (panda bear/ panda) can be found in South Central China, primarily they live in China’s Yangtze river basin. Pandas were actually belongs to group of carnivorous animals but still it eats more of bamboo leaves and shoots. They occasionally eat grasses, wild tubers and even meat of […]

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