Help the environment by recycling

            In our day-to-day life we are using more and more things so, after the usage are we recycling it? Most of us answer is no. This answer statement must be changed for the betterment of our life and the environment. Simple changes make’s great things to occur so, it is everyone’s responsibility to make our environment better.


The single word recycle means a lot for the betterment of our environment, when we start to recycle most of thing’s as possible, the Earth will be of less pollution. Less pollution means a fresh air, less contamination of the air, water, land etc., importantly there will be less diseases. It is every individual’s role to make the Earth beautiful, on the other hand Government is also making the new rules to protect the environment, for example the government of Tamil Nadu has banned the usage of one -time use and through away plastics from 1st January 2019, this rule which banned the production, storage, supply, transport, sale and distribution of one-time plastics, which is extremely effective.


            India, the world’s second most populated country, generates around 5.6 million tones of plastic waste annually, according to government figures.

            In India, 77% of waste is disposed of in open dumps, 18% is composed and just 5% is recycled.

            A major chunk of waste is recyclable, which is tapped by the recyclers, they are about 7500 plastic recyclers in India, 312 registered e-waste recyclers and 5 registered construction and demolition waste recycling units.

Process of recycling

  1. Collection

The items are collected and taken to the recycling facilities.

  • Processing
    • The wastage are separated and preferred materials are used in the

manufacturing the new products.

  • Manufacturing

Making old stuff from the new stuff.

  • Buying recycled

Purchasing products made from recycled materials bring the loop full circle.

Recycling turns things into other things which is like a magic.

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