Knowledge is Power

The English philosophy-essayist Francis Bacon rightly said, “knowledge itself is power”. Knowledge and power go together. You cannot think of power without knowledge. He who increases knowledge increases power. It is the only instrument of production and success which is not subject to diminishing returns. On the other hand ignorance is a curse and darkness. It brings superstitions, defeat, decadence, failures and frustration in its wake. Knowledge is enlightenment and light. It is freedom, liberation and realisation. Only a knowledgeable person can think big and high. For him nothing is impossible, no obstacle is great or insurmountable.

Knowledge makes you brave, bold, dashing and commanding. All great, successful and eminent persons in the history of the world have been very powerful. They have been so because they possessed the inexhaustible treasure of knowledge. There is no power so strong as knowledge and a person armed with knowledge and power cannot be stopped from achieving success and crowing glory in life. For him even the sky is not the limit. Knowledge lends self confidence, perseverance, hope, courage to face challenges, steadfastness and dedication to a purpose. God is god only because he is all knowledge. Knowledge reigns supreme and unchallenged.

It is knowledge which lends power to man to control and rule over forces of nature. Today the countries have come much closer to one another and the world has become a global village because of power of knowledge. Science, technology, success, advancement etc. are the other names and terms of knowledge. In the pre historic past man was ignorant, weak, helpless and puny. He lived in caves and jungles and suffered from many fatal diseases. He was never sure of food, security, shelter and safety because he had no knowledge and today he is most powerful creature. He is the master of all that he surveys. The moon is not beyond his reach nor the knowledge of the sun, the planets, the stars and galaxies. He is ready to set his foot on the Mars.

The history of human progress, civilization and evolution has been actually the history of advancement of knowledge. Ever since the dawn of civilization and history, it is the brain which has been more powerful than anything else. Knowledge rules supreme. The pen has been mightier than the sword. Behind the powers of kings and emperors was the brain of the learned men. It was Chanakya who guided the destiny of Maurya empire. History is the witness of the success, survival and victory of the races who were really intellectual and therefore, powerful.

Mao-Tse-Tung was wrong when he said that power grows on the barrel of a gun. He forgot the age old and time tested saying that those who live by the sword will perish by the sword. A sword can never be mightier than the pen. Pen represents learning, wisdom , knowledge, secrets of success and the sword, mere physical and material power. It is the brain or mind which is more important than matter. Mind has always ruled over matter and will continue to do so forever. The achievements of minds have always been marvellous. They have been eternal, without limits of time and space.

Pen is mightier than sword

Behind all genuine and lasting power, is knowledge. Genuine power is that which springs from knowledge and wisdom and the rest is brute force, fragile, momentary and like a bubble in the water of eternity. Knowledge is indeed power, it reigns supreme.

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