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As it comes to the Copa America, South American championship of Nations that is one of the prestigious tournament in the sport and also considered one of the oldest international football tournament. the tournament consist of 10 national team- Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

The Copa America ended with a long-overdue glory for Lionel Messi, but it was not an easy one but the success led to victory not by individual but due to many reasons.

“I have been lucky enough to win everything at club level and individual level and it would be lovely to win something with the national side” the 34 year old said on the eve’s of this year Copa America. “That’s my dream”.

COPA AMERICA 11-07-2021 WINNER Argentina against Brazil

all those hard work and training finally paid off for the country, the unmeasurable skills set by the players and the strategy that the coach led to their victory have also helped the team. The heavy pressure put on by Brazilians players on Messi- that he’s never “done it” for Argentina has now silenced been silenced. And its not the enduring image shown in the picture of him holding the victory trophy but, the level of performance and dedication to achieve victory performance throughout the game. Messi is not known only for his skills but his amalgamation of teamwork and dedication have trained him to achieve victory until the end.

Messi who won the victory trophy, but was not titled man of the match. an honour probably belong to Rodrigo De Paul , with Demaria also in the running, but Messi was undoubtedly player of the tournament.

Brazilian accumulate all the energy against the Argentinian player Messi. they put on the lots of pressure in the second half of the match, but even with their five strikers on the forward filed, they could not equalized against the Argentinian defenders, protected by the outstanding defenders Rodrigo De Paul.

“First we have to congratulate our opponents especially for the first half when they neutralized us,” said Brazilian defender Thiago Silva

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