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“All great changes are preceded by chaos”

The pandemic situation has brought substantial changes in our day-to-day life. The changes include both sides of a coin – the raise and the fall. Let us have a  look at the optimistic changes. One noteworthy change is the switch from bikes to bicycles.  It is indeed a much-needed change for both the users and the environment. The usage of bicycles has significantly increased in the past year. The primary reasons for the growth in numbers are as follows:

  • The shutdown of gyms, recreational centers, indoor sports clubs over a prolonged period of time.
  • Stress due to the work-from-home scenario.
  • Increased fuel prices.
  • Aggravated air pollution.
  • Cycle rental services in metro and urban cities.
  • Increase in brands producing good quality cycles.
Cycling Pals in India

Constructive Competition:

People find cycling as a gateway to their emotions and thus rejuvenate their souls after a tiresome day. 

Apps like Strava, Fitbit help users track their daily rides and share them on social media. This develops constructive competition. Whenever like-minded people compete the outcome is remarkable. Hence cycling became a regular habit among groups of friends, neighbors across various parts of the country. Cycling events are getting more attraction in recent times. Recently in Telangana, a national event was organized after 10 years where 600 cyclists from various parts of the country participated in cycling. Constructive Competition has not only buzzed up the consumers but also the producers of bicycles.

Market Analysis:

According to a report by Hindu, the cycling market had negative growth of about 8% in the year 2018. It was expected to turn out worse in the following years. On contrary, the market had an aggressive growth. Omkar Singh, Chairman of Cycle Federation of India is overwhelmed by the rise in sales of cycles in India. He said that the cycle market has gained a raise of about 300-400% in the lockdown period. India is one of the leading producers and consumers of cycles in the world while China holds the leading position.

Startups like E- Motorads , Nahak Motors, Go Zero Mobility have an unbelievable outreach in the Indian Market. They are reported to have sales of more than 1000 cycles within two months of their launches. This is quite huge for a startup emerging in India. The primary reasons for the success is the quality and exquisite features offered by them.

Hero and Ti cycles hold the largest share of the pie in the Indian cycle market. KK Paul, president of TI cycles shares an interesting fact that the demand for premium cycles with a price of about 30,000 INR has increased eventually. The only question which remains a mystery is with the numbers in the future. Companies are perplexed by the sudden rise in the sales of cycles and are unable to predict the mindsets of consumers in the upcoming years, 

A change that was brought without anyone’s expectations has given considerable changes to both the consumers and producers. Let us hope for the best to happen in the forthcoming years.

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