Tales of younger inspiration leads the roads to newer innovation

Modern world has opened the doors for newer technologies. Every day, people bring new ideas to transform the way of thinking and doing things. Stories from all over the world from different fields influence many to pursue with their field of interest. There are several successful women in many fields in India also; they become true inspiration to all the young dreamers. Moreover, this pandemic have also taught us to be more skillful to achieve success and continuous growth in our lives.

One of the inspiring stories that have made young girls believe in their dreams is that of P.V. Sindhu. She started playing Badminton at the age of 8 and made her international debut when she was 17 yrs old. After tremendous hard work and with constant learning she became the World’s 6th Ranking Women in Single Badminton. This dedication and her constant efforts are real inspiration for the women out there who believe on themselves.

Image: Sports24

Likewise, Sharanya a 24 yr old young junior doctor who treated the victims of the Kozhikode Plan Crash. After working for 1 year at Kozhikode General Hospital,she quits to start preparing for her NEET exams. On one of the fateful night, when the hospital needed all hands on deck, she jumped into help without a second thought.

12 year old Haaziq from Pune came up with ingenious innovation- Ervis – which is a prototype ocean cleaner ship that can suck out plastic from the surface of the ocean. The picture of a young whale that died of intestinal blockage after consuming huge amount of plastic is what made this 12 year old to wage war against plastic. His novel idea received global attention and he got a chance to present this idea before audience through TED-X club.

India is one of the countries having most number of youths; the need is to give them a proper direction to think and to bring a change. Engagement of young people at local, national and global levels is impacting lives. The more they explore the more idea they collect. At this stage of confusion and uncertainty youths from different part of India are setting examples for others. No talent should be wasted, because they are capable of much more. But due to societal pressure and constant discouragements they often confused to choose their field of interests.

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The 22 year old a Haimanti founder of the NGO Junoon, is the inspiration for people who want to bring a change in the field of education especially for underprivileged children. Since May 2018, she has been on a mission to equip them with necessary skills along with education that will enable her to enroll them in a regular school under the Right to Education Act.

There are several more tales of young minds whose acts inspire us to work towards innovative methodologies. A young regular college student from Palakkad district, Shahinsa belongs to an agrarian family from the Panamanna village have deep passion for farming and finds the time to grow crops using modern technology in the fields.

Sriya Donepudi (15), a school going girl from Khajaguda started an initiative to recycle used flowers after social functions. She collected discarded flowers from various events and with the help of women from economically weaker sections they made soaps, paper-weights and other items from floral waste. According to The New Indian Express, this initiative made her bag The Diana Awards of 2020.

In the year 2017, Malhar and his friends collected the garbage thrown by visitors at Dadar Beach. Earlier, they started it as a weekend activity that gradually turned into a fully fledged cleanup movement engaging over 20,000 Mumbaikers. Collectively they have gathered 1000 tonnes of waste including plastics, stale food and religious offerings that had been cleared from the beach side. His efforts for this cleaning drive recognized globally when United Nations felicitated him on the International Volunteer Day.

Most of Indian startup and innovation landscape provide opportunity to young inventors to bloom. Their keen observations combined with deep sense of strategic ideas helps them in dealing with various problematic situations in the field of technology. These tales not only made us proud but also inspire us to build a new India with innovative thoughts.

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Each of us is great in our own fashion. Even a tiny story of inspiration can influence thousands of youngsters to pursue their dream; each act can impact the world.  Every one of us has that hidden power, the requirement is to have faith and continue our work with relentless efforts. These tiny tales of youths inspires many to pursue their dream . This pandemic is really tough and a challenging time for all the innovators but if you’re passionate enough to achieve your goal, you should continue with perseverance and patience.