When my thoughts met the two faced words.

Never in my life had I thought you’ll fade away. Never in my dreams had I thought you’ll forget everything. Never in million years had I thought I will lose you.
Nothing lasts forever; neither things nor people. Life is all about accepting these facts. That’s all I have heard from people and I hate to agree but they are right.

But are changes easy to adapt?
BUT: always grabs people’s attention. There is always a but that makes people more attentive and conscious.
What if things come back on track?
WHAT IF: always makes people observant. There’s always a what if that brings hope or despair in a sentence. And it is hope that every tomorrow hurts a lilttle less than yesterday and it is despair that weakens us every now and then.

Words are just a medium to express our emotions. There are thousands of words expressing enormous amount of emotions in a sentence, but these two words added a lot of aspiration, distress, consciousness, attentiveness in my thoughts:
But what if my plan works?
PLANS: are made to be cancelled; unsuccessfull. Maybe that’s why I had planned some meetings, some trips, me dancing at your wedding and you singing channa mereya at mine. Lol.

But what if you’re happy this way?
HAPPINESS: a state of mind. Never knew whether I made you happy or not. Maybe that’s why I was always scared and awkward before doing something for you. Lol.

But what if we are destined together?
DESTINY: a predetermined state. One never knows their fate still we hope. Maybe that’s why I was holding onto you for so long.

But what if I lose you?
YOU: my all. My best friend, my love, my soulmate, my strength, my weakness. My all. You have been my comfortzone all these years; have made me laugh in my toughest times; have been my support throughout.

Never in my life had I thought I would be writing this to you. Never in my life had I thought life will lead to this. Never in my life had I thought you will fade away.

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