In todays world we all are in a race to earn more money to get everything but we never think about the things that we can’t buy with money because we all think that those things are very easy to get. In trying several methods to earn money we all miss the small and precious pleasures that life offers to us. We people sometimes behave too greedy in earning money and at some stage of our life we feel that money can itself give us all things we want. Yes, of course money can give us a good stature in the society but we can’t buy our health, satisfaction, happiness and many more things with money.

The most important thing in every body’s life is having a lovable and supportable family with us. Many of us think that we can buy those relationships with money or some of us may also think that every relation is made for the sake of money only. Guys we can buy the relations with money but we should always remember that we can’t buy the true love and effection of our dear ones with money. There is also a saying that the people who enters in our life because of our money will leave us easily when we loose all our assets.

It is important for all of us having an efficient money to enjoy the luxurious life style and it is also important for us to look after our parents who crossed all the barriers to see their children in heights but most of us neglect them when we reach our desired position and we forget about the responsibilities on us but I’m sure guys we can never get back our parents love and care once after losing them in our life though we are ready to pay a large amount of money for them. Guys , Money has it’s own signature in every moment of our life that may be positive or negative.

It is necessary for everyone to understand about the adverse effects of the money in order to know about the reality of our society. Guys always be conscious before losing anything that is available in nature that may be your parents or your health or your time and most importantly your life because you can not bring them back with your money if you lose them once.

To be clear, I’m not against of earning money or improving assets but I’m trying to convey that spend your money wisely and know the reality of the society to lead your life in a perfect way. Money can arrange all the necessary things in your life to survive but it is not only the thing which helps you to live your life happily. The only aim of this article is, one should give equal priority to their values and responsibilities in this running world apart from earning money and should understand that money is something that we need but not every thing in life and never forget that time is more precious than money.