How do you like to chill out? Ya, I’m sure you wanna have that fun gaming life. Here are the names of the top 5 Android games of 2021 and everyone is excited to play:

Pokémon go:

Published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and the Pokémon company, this augmented reality-based mobile app that lets you discover Pokémon in the real world. Who knows if a Pokémon is hiding behind you! You can grab the Pokémon by throwing a ball on it. It’s exactly how it happens in the Pokémon: the series. Just with access to your current location let’s GET UP AND GO!!

Among us:

 An online multiplayer developed by American game studio Inner sloth social deduction game where each player uncovers the hidden role of others.  Up to three players will be chosen as an imposter in a spaceship called “The Skeld” a headquarters building called “Mira HQ” a planet base called “The Airship”. If you are a crewmate you are supposed to find the imposter and complete the tasks. But if you are an imposter then you have to kill the crewmates.

Garena Free Fire:

Developed by 111 dots studio published by Garena is a quick free-to-play battle royale game consisting of 50 players falling from parachutes, landing on an island searching for weapons and utility items. Players must make sure that they fall away from the enemies.  All the player has to do is survive and conquer till the end. Apart from CoD and PUBG, Free Fire is the most optimized game to run on low-end smartphones.

Call of duty: 

A massive new combat experience of war and adventure, developed by TiMi studios. You can play Battle Royale or a Multiplayer game. Multiplayer mode is the basic first-person shooter, the game includes “Scorestreaks” which are special weapons that are available when the player reaches certain points. Battle royale mode features up to 100 players where you can choose to be in a squad or single. After you jump out of the plane the game begins, you will only have a knife with you, the zone begins to shrink so you have to kill other teams to survive. 

  • Clash of clans: An online multiplayer war game, developed by Supercell. The players are provided with a social network of live chat so it will be easy to connect with their team and form communities called clans, you can be the clan leader, train the troops to attack others to earn the resources. There are four resources called GOLD, ELIXIR, DARK ELIXIR, GEMS. All you have to do is to protect your castle and destroy others. These resources are also used to train and upgrade your troops and spells.

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