Child Labour

According to the International labour organisation(ILO) there are around 12.9 million Indian children engaged in work between ages of 7 to 17 years old.According to ILO, children up to the age limit of 15 should not be in job forcibly by the parents or masters in factories,offices or restaurants.

There are several reasons for child labour like poverty,irregular education,insufficient laws and rules etc.First of all the mindset of the society should be changed to emphasize that children must go to school and adults should be employed.Government should make stricter law to eradicate child labour.

How to prevent Child Labour

  • Children should be given first priority by their parents to take proper and regular education.
  • Every family must earn their minimum income to survive and prevent child labour.
  • Children work should be given to adults.In this way, an adult will get work and children are free from labour.

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