Divisions and geography of the Deccan Plateau:

This physiographic division is the largest part of the plateau region India. The shape of this plateau is roughly triangular.
⭐ One of the sides of this triangle is marked by the line joining Kanyakumari with Rajmahal Hills and this line passes through the Eastern Ghats.

⭐The second arm is marked by the Satpura Range, Mahadeo Hills, Maikal Range and the Rajmahal Hills.
⭐The third arm is marked by the Western Ghats.
⭐The area of this plateau is about 7 lakh square km and the height ranges from 500 to 1000 m above sea level.

⭐The Western Ghats forms the Western edge of the Panisular Plateau. It runs parallel to the Arabian Sea coast.
⭐The northern part of this range is called as Sahyadris. The height of the Sahyadris increases from North to South.
⭐Anaimudi is a sort of tri-junction of the Anaimalai Range, the Cardamom Hills and the Palani Hills.

⭐Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill resort situated on the Palani Hills.
⭐ Eastern Ghats run from Southwest to Northeast from the eastern edge of this Plateau.
⭐The range is also called as Poorvadri.

⭐The Eastern Ghats join the Western Ghats at the Nilgiri hills, bordering Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
⭐The Eastern Ghats are not continuous like the Western Ghats.
⭐The rivers of Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Pennar and Kaveri have dissected this range at many places.

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