Fortunately, you can make a gorgeous, fresh-flower crown for just about the same price as a fake one — and, it’s actually really easy!

Let’s make!

<gather the goods>

#1 Flowers
–Two or three types of flowers
#2 Floral tape
– Floral tape is best for wrapping fresh flowers together.
#3 Scissors
– Keep a sharp pair of scissors handy to cut your flowers
#4 Craft wire
–You will use this to tie flowers to your crown.
#5 Wire
–This is used as a comfy base for your crown.


Step 1
Shape the wire to your desired size.
Step 2
Wrap greenery around the base of the crown.
Step 3
Create mini-flower bunches
Step 4
Attach your flower bunches to crown.

Tip :Flower crowns look best when freshly made and after 48 hours can start to look droopy. Spray with a little water and store in the fridge to keep the flowers perky for as long as possible.

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