Lakshadweep is one of India 8th union territory. Local traditional attribute the the settlement on this islands to the period of Cheraman Perumal, The last king of Kerala. The principal islands in the territory are minical and those in the amindivi group. Lakshadweep means one lakh islands in Malayalam the official as well as the the widely spoken native language in the territory. The region forms a single Indian district with 10 subdivisions the island are the The northernmost of the Lakshadweep Maldives chagos group of islands which are the top of a watched under sea bridge mountain range the chagos Lakshadweep.

There are reference to the control of the islands by the Charas in the Sangam patirrupattur local traditional and legends attribute the first settlement on these islands the oldest inhabited Islands in the group are Amini, lalpeni, Andetto, Kavararti and Agatti. Most people of Lakshadweep are descendants of migrants from the Malabar coast of Southwest India and the islands are ethically e similar to coastal Kerala Malayali people the South most and second largest Islands of minicoy has and ethically e e population that are native to the Maldives it is believed that after is conversion to Islam at the behest of sono Arab merchants the present day kodungallor old as our town Kochi. It is believed that one of this sailing boats of Raja of cannanore was stuck by a fierce strong and they were shipwrecked on the island now known as bangaarama. The advent of Islam dates back to the seventh century around the year 41 hijra even after the convention of the entire Islands to Islam sovereignty remained in the ends of The Hindu rajah of chirakkal for some years later the administration of ireland’s passed onto the Muslim house of arakkal of cannanore around the middle of the 16 century.

Its traditional system of administration was treated by the English as something of miss government but they were more interested in their own political and economic interest that was the good government of the island. The soils of Lakshadweep agentry Sandy derived from the coral. The economic of Lakshadweep is agriculture and fishing coconut plums are the agriculture mainstay of Lakshadweep copra is produced and exported to the mainland and the cultivation of bananas vegetable fruit edible root crops and millet. The fishing is a continuous and ancient tradition of Skilled navigation among the territory. Other manufacturing activities coir coconut nosiery production fibre production weaving and boat building. The tourism promotes the industry which is closely monitored to guard against negative moment. The Government sponsored tour package available. The transportation to Lakshadweep is connected to the Indian mainland by sea and air there is and airport on the island of Agatti which has regular plane service to and from Kochi there are only a few miles of roads in Lakshadweep.

most of the Lakshadweep Islands speak Malayalam which is skin to old Sinhalese to safeguard indias vital shipping lanes to the middle East and Indian Navy base INS Dweeprakshak was commissioned on Kavararti Island.

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