make in india is the BJP – led NDA government’s flagship campaign intended to boost the domestic manufacturing industry and attract foreign investors to invest into the indian economy. the Indian prime minister, Mr.Narendra Modi first mentioned the key phrase in his maiden independence day address from the ramparts of the Redfort and over a month later launched the campaign in September 2014 with an intention of reviving manufacturing businesses and emphasizing key sectors in India amidst growing concerns that most entrepreneurs are moving out of the country due to its low rank in ease of doing business ratings. Manufacturing currently contributes just over 15% to the national GDP. The aim of this campaign is to grow this to a 25% contribution as seen with other developing nations of Asia. In the process the government expects to generate jobs, attract much foreign direct investment, and transform India into a manufacturing hub preferred around the globe. The logo for the make in India campaign is an elegant lion, inspired by the Ashoka Chakra and designed to represent India’s success in all spears. The campaign was dedicated by the prime minister to the eminent patriot, philosopher and political personality, Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya who had been born on the same date in 1916. The prime minister called for all those associated with the campaign, especially the entrepreneurs and the corporates, to step and discharge their duties as Indian nationals by first developing India and for investors to endow the country with foreign direct investments. The prime minister also promised that his administration would aid the investors by making India a pleasant experience and that his government considered overall development of the nation. An article of faith rather than a political agenda. He also laid robust foundation for his vision of technology – savvy digital India as complementary to make in India. He stressed on the employment generation and poverty alleviation that would inevitably accompany the success of campaign.


India is a country rich in natural resources. Labor is a plenty and skilled labor is easily available given the high rates of unemployment among the educated class of the country. With Asia developing as the outsourcing hub of the world, India is soon becoming the preferred manufacturing destination of most investors across the globe. Mae in India is the Indian’s government’s effort to harness this demand and boost the Indian economy. India ranks low on the ease of doing business index. Labor laws in the country are still not conductive to the make in India campaign. This is one of the universally noted disadvantages of manufacturing and investing in India

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