NASA girl trolled for her faith- peak of Hinduphobia

Humanity hit a new low when an Indian origin American girl was heavily trolled by netizens just because of her faith. NASA, in order to invite new interns tweeted an application showcasing the diverse nature of the organization. An Indian girl also featured in the tweet with Hindu idols in the background of her picture.

An innumerable number of trolls targeted the girl criticizing NASA for including such a “stereotypical” image of Indians according them. But is it okay to bash someone merely because they follow a particular faith or religion? The girl undoubtedly secured a place through her efforts and a futile, good for nothing crowd directly mocked her as a fake science-lover only because she believes in her Gods. If atheism was a criterion to get selected in any scientific organization then people should also nullify the work and contributions of Einstein, Newton and Darwin.

It is so shameful to read the tweets and realize how much hatred and Hinduphobia is prevalent in society. Some of the tweets read ‘She missed Lord Ganesha and 33 million other Gods’, ‘NASA and gods don’t mix. The Indian kid seems to have some kind of obsession with Gods’. Other tweets are too vile to read.

Another user very accurately pointed out “All those mocking her: Hijab, polygamy, child marriages, Niqab, prayers on road, etc. are supposed to be respected under the concept of ‘choice’ and ‘pluralism’ but a Hindu lady practicing her faith has to be ridiculed. Carry on! Your bigotry will make her faith stronger.”

It is indeed true that the case would have been very contrasting only if the girl was wearing either hijab or had a Christ portrait in the background. However, irrespective of any religion or faith, no one should be criticked or targeted just because they are proud of their roots.