Palestine Crisis and India’s Stance

The Israeli- Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s enduring conflicts, with the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip reaching 54 years of conflict. Various attempts have been made to resolve the conflict as part of the Israeli- Palestinian peace process. India has condemned the Israeli attack on Palestine territory describing it as crimes against humanity that should no longer take place in 21st century.

As state of conscience and advocates for universal human rights, India condemn the recent Israeli state-sponsored attacks against Palestinian life, land and property in Jerusalem and Gaza.

India reminds Israel of withdrawing forces from Gaza and opening the detention centre andnot
hindering any Human Rights of the people. India Considers Jerusalem as an international city under
the control of United Nations to protect and to preserve the unique spiritual and religious interests
located in the city ofthe three faiths, Christian, Jewish and Muslim to ensure that order and peace,
andespecially religious peace, reign in Jerusalem.

As a third world country, India affirms that Jerusalem is a sacred space and a holy city for the vast majority of the world’s population that follow the Abrahamic faith.
The Israeli state-sponsored attempts to evict and remove Palestinian residents from their ancestral and legally-owned homes in Jerusalem, specifically in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. International law affirms that the forced eviction and home removal meted on Palestinians is categorically illegal and is viewed by the international community as one of the main deterrents in ending Israeli apartheid and settler colonialism.

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