Resurgent TALIBAN ?

The departure of US Forces will see as catastrophe in Central Asia.

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The Land of Afghanistan is Graveyard of Empires.


The Afghanistan is Significant chapter in USA foreign police since contribute almost Half of US deplomatic Subject.After the withdrawl of USSR in May 15 1988 and Return of NATO collision,Taliban militia emerges as main contender in Kabul and almost capture the afghan 90% in 1999.But its only after 9/11 Blast US return in afghan lead to vanish Taliban dream of Monopoly over Kabul.

Finally After long standing haul Peace held between US-Taliban on 20th Feb 2020.

US ready to depart from kabul in return Taliban militia prevent afghan soil from ISIS, AL-Queda etc. to attack on US & its allies.US administration under President Biden confirm it will quite whole afghan in september 2021.Due to which many Expert think this time Taliban militia Emerge as more strong than ever have, and the small step for democracy and peace will Disapear in no time if taliban again capture afghan soils. The Human Rights Violation, the women safety and their developement seems to be illusionary under Islamic Sharia Law if implemented. Mean while the Net security of Whole Region will undermine, the ISIS will again ready to onslaught and create chaos in country like India and China’s peace and security, Specially in India at J&K .

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