Snakes As Pet, Pros and Cons.

brown and black snake

In terms of the snake species that do observe pets (such as corn snakes and ball pythons), what a snake has got to offer is this: they will become habituated to handling and tolerate it well. They’re pleasing to handle. They’re beautiful in color/pattern. They’re interesting to observe once they explore and eat. They’re extremely low-maintenance if found out correctly. They’re silent and may cause no damage to a home.

Pro: they’re really cool! Literally and figuratively

Con: cold blooded animals need a continuing heat source if you do not sleep in a tropical climate.

Pro: they’re relatively low maintenance compared to other pets, so no having to steer it or train it, celebrate birthdays, etc.

Con: they do not have much to supply within the way of companionship or connection. Best you’ll hope for may be a little snuggle time 🙂

Pro: you will not have many visitors over to your house once they determine you own a snake. (Psst… most of the people hate them.)

Con: you’ll be single, if not already.

Pro: tons of them are pretty hardy and may live a few years .

Con: you’ll got to find a Vet that treats reptiles – not always easy.

Pro: Snake housing is simplistic but you’ll get as creative as you wish if you actually want to spoil the small fella.

Con: The day you forget to latch the enclosure properly, snake are going to be on the loose and should never be seen again. Trust me on this 😦

Pro: They eat rodents

Con: They eat rodents.

if you would like one as a pet, knowing full well that they do not wish to be constantly handled (it causes them stress, that — regardless of how nicely you decorate their vivarium — they’re going to presumably spend the bulk of their time curled in their hide, which you ought to never use it as a standing symbol (not only does that damage their already negative reputation but it are often considered a sort of intimidation if you carry one arounf your body call at public), then maybe you’ll be considered right for a snake.

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