Top Korean Variety shows that you definitely have to watch

Korean Variety shows are on top when it comes to light fun and hilarious entertainment. On the top of that it allows you to learn more about your favorite celebrities up close. If you are looking for recommendations for your next binge watching or for new variety shows to add to your watch list here are best variety shows you definitely have to watch.

Running man

The variety show is a popular and crowd favorite show for its super fun missions. The popularity of this show is not just limited to South Korea only but  is loved by the people all around the world

The show has shifted to a more natural reality variety show concept focused on games. In an episode the permanent cast members are given three to four missions to complete as they compete with each other with the celebrity guests in extremely amusing challenges.

 The show has completed 10 seasons and more than 500 episodes and still manages to entertain its viewers.

Man on a mission

The show is also known as knowing brothers and ask us anything.  The show continues to soar high viewership ratings throughout the years. The show is based on a high school concept where the cast members act like the students in classroom while guests come as newly transferred students. The show follows the daily activities of a classroom and the interaction between cast members and guests as the students in a classroom.

2 Days and 1 night

The show follows its cast members as they take trips to various places in South Korea, including many offshore islands. During the show members also complete different missions to earn reward and to avoid  punishments.

The show has included many different personalities and has earned a good rating by the viewers, and continues to entertain its audience.

All the butlers

The show is also known as Master in the House, which represents reputative figures of various fields who spent 2 days and 1 night together and get to know about each other in the hopes of gaining knowledge and wisdom. The show includes guests from different fields including athletes, Idols and influential public individuals.


Have you ever wondered what celebrities do at home and when they are not in front of the camera. This show is a must watch. The show follows the life of single South Korean celebrities and provides a vies of their everyday lives. The show has gained popularity due to the relatable lifestyle of celebrities which is shown without significant filtering.

Which of these Korean Variety shows are your favorite, tell us in comments.

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