Fashion industry is the colorful industry which encompasses various types of small and niche industries in it. Fashion industry is the industry of art and which changes itself very fast according to the demand. If you are focusing or thinking about your career in fashion industry then you must know about pros and cons of that priorly, so that you can come up to conclusion on the path that you want to choose.

For Youngsters, It is really important to Identify their Passion Clearly. We see many youngsters who pursue Fashion Design courses and later they join in a big fashions houses as Interns but within days or weeks they quit their job. When we speak to them about their decision, few of them mentioned that they were unable to undertake the pressure of bottle neck deadlines & Stressful working conditions and some of them replied that, their expectations about this industry went wrong.

Due to lack of guidance on fashion career paths most of the youngsters assume that their career would take a fairytale turn and be a part of celebrities like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi in social media. But they do not know the fact how stressful a designer life would be. It is important that these youngsters must also know in advance the dark side of the fashion Industry.

If a guy want to become as a fashion designer then he must know about the inner meaning of designing a collection. Yes, because designing is purely based on creativity of moulding a fabric that is given to a designer. For sure only a designer knows how much stress he has undergone to put forward a beautiful set of garments, as a next step of designing the designer must select materials for the garment which includes a stressful roaming on streets for few days & once the material is sourced it is important to communicate clearly to workers in making them understand these designs , dealing with illiterate artisans like dyers for dyeing the fabrics ,Masters for cutting, embroidery workers, Tailors ,and all this could be scrapped at any point and redone, now Marketing- this part involves photographing the garments with celebrity & conducting fashion shows to attract clients and then posting these photos in social media, finally when clients arrive with tight deadlines some even ask for hours & days , running with materials behind all those workers and delivering the garment to clients and if any measurement or miscommunication with workers would lead to failures and clients harsh words and money time and material wastes and redo all this again.

The above written para is just a simple example to show how hard to be as a fashion designer. Fashion institutes must share this knowledge to every student well in advance while joining in courses and they must also share the different career paths in fashion industry. So, that the student can choose their feasible path and let me share some career paths in fashion industry which are unknown to most of the people.


Fashion Journalist, Fashion consultant, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist.


Walking on Ramp of fashion shows, modeling in fashion Photography, being part of ad campaigns, be a brand ambassador, acting and many more.

Finally, Youngsters who desired to be a Model, it is important that they must know the difference between modeling and designing, Joining in a fashion designing course is not needed to be as a model, There are authorized agencies in which one must register and get trained with the agency to become as a model. The main thing that I want to convey through this article is, The post which is made on social media platform was just a minute of happiness but the background work behind that post will be under a stressful tight deadlines. Guys when you love creativity and like to keep your whole focus and determination on this field, then it would be a lovely field and all those pains seem nothing when we see a fruitful outcome.