Reservation becoming danger!

The government constantly launches new programmes and schemes to support the citizens of India in the best way. But, every aspect has some negative relations to it. While bits of negativity can be ignored, the differences can’t be neglected when it starts shaping into a social issue. This article addresses the issue of Reservation- An Analysis as to how far is it beneficial to support the minorities via reservation quotas.

The agenda of the reservation for the backward class in the society is to provide them equal opportunities to showcase their talent and abilities. This initiative proves best when it gives a chance to the left-out people of the society to come up and earn for themselves a respectable and comfortable life.

  • The problem originated from the mindset of some sections of the society or some particular people who believe in supreme powers to be in the hands of only few, selected people belonging to particular religions or caste or place, etc. Clearly speaking, people who favour discrimination in the society. This leaves those people behind who are unaware of their rights and powers as a citizen of the country.
  • People who are in minority at a place are often in danger of being controlled by the dominant ones. This happened to be a serious problem.

Consequently, the govt. launched the mission for reservation in quotas for the poor and backward classes of the population. This has been an ever growing compulsion imposed to all institutions including the private sectors, to provide reserved seats to the disabled, poor, scheduled castes (SCs), scheduled tribes (STs), OBCs, EWS, and so on. The institutional bodies must reserve some seats/posts in their organisations for these people. To avoid fraud, people belonging to such categories are issued a certificate for the same after verification but frauds are committed even after it. It has become easy to get a certificate proving a general category person to be the one belonging to scheduled castes. What is more important to know is why do people try seizing rights of backward class that are granted to them by the govt. itself.

The reason is competition. The race is going so fast that everyone wants success, be it at others’ cost. The mindset is still. It is not changing. This is one side.

The other side says that the minority groups are being provided with a lot! Their recognition is increasing but in a negative way. Know how-

  • There are people belonging to backward classes also, who take advantage of situations. Such people get the reserved seats with the help of their certificates and owns the rest (this way, corruption originates from them too when they misuse their rights for self purpose…).
  • The reservations are provided with quotas to each backward section which they can avail without being in the competition or the race of success that everyone is running nowadays. This is the real advantage to them. They are given relaxation for marks in schools/college admissions especially in govt. institutions, for ranks in competitive exams, for eligibility of posts in govt. jobs, and so on. This has led to high disagreement among the ones belonging to the general category. Opportunities seem to be seized from the hands of the general people when the less competent fellows get higher positions in the work environment or even in the educational institutions.

Students work hard to reach a better place in life. Granting admissions to students with “certificates” even at lesser marks than the ones belonging to general category appears injustice. The reason is that the competitive exams are to test the abilities of the students which is examined on the basis of their scores. If the minorities are given admissions at very less scores than the others’, this should not be considered a competitive exam anymore!

These exams are the only way to earn recognition in the fast growing world since they form an important part in defining a person’s knowledge. Govt. jobs also require a ranking in their exams to consider an applicant for a post. This is a connected chain which is being misused when the deserving people are left out just to follow some norms. If the poor or other Reserved seat students are provided education at low costs in schools and in the same manner as others, then at-least there should be not such leverage in colleges or in the competitive exams. When the equality has been granted since the beginning, everyone is equal till the middle, then why again protect them. Having access to same knowledge as the general people, the minor section students too become capable of scoring high, making it a point of dissatisfaction to provide them support at every step of life even when they are better off.

This is a big discussion with many pros and cons but it is also a very serious matter to be addressed keeping in mind the welfare of each section of society. Everyone seeks protection in such matters since it is the question of future of the present and upcoming generation.

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