Hardware and software

Computer is a device comprising both hardware and software.The functions of hardware and software combines together to make the computer functional.A hardware device helps to enter input information.The software processes the input data and gives the output in the monitor,a hardware device.Thus computer is like a human body,where human body is the hradware and soul is the software.



Hardware is the parts of the computer which we can touch and feel.Hardware includes Input and output devices, Cabinet,Hard Disk,Mother Board,SMPS,CPU,RAM,CD Drive and Graphics card.


Hardware is lifeless without software in a computer.Software are programmed and coded applications to process the input information.The software processes the data by converting the input information into coding or profmgrammed language.Touching and feeling the software is not possible but we can see the functions of the software in the form of output.


Types of software

The software is divided into two types based on the process.They are

  1. System software (operating system)
  2. Application software

System software

System software is software that makes the hardware devices process the data inputted by the user and to display the result on the output devices like Monitor.Without the opening devices like Monitor . Without the operating system, computer cannot function on its own.Some of the popular operating system are Linux, windows,Mac, Android etc.

Application software

Application software is a program or a group of programs designed for the benefit of end user to work on computer.The application programs can be installed in the hard disk for the usage on a particular computer.This type of application program completes one or more than two works of the end user.The following are the examples of application program:

  • Video player
  • Audio player
  • Word processing software
  • Drawing tools
  • Editing software,etc.

System and Application software types

The opening system and application software are available in two forms.They are:

  1. Free and open source
  2. Paid and proprietary software

Free and open source

Free and open software is available at Free of cost and can be shared to many end users.Free software is editable and customisable by the user and his leads to updation or development of new software.Examples of free and open source software:LINUX,open office , operating system,Geogebra etc.

  • Conventional software developers, distributors and sellers fear that FOSS will undercut their profits.
  • Abuse of FOSS privilege may lead to questionable claims of copyright or trademark protection,thereby spawning litigation.
  • The monetary value of FOSS is unclear, so government’s have trouble figuring out how to tax it.

Paid and proprietary software

There is software that is to be paid to use either permanently or temporarily,these types of software are paid and need a licence to use it.The licence of the software would not be provided unless it is purchased.Similarly the end users are legally prohibited to steal the software program or to use the pirated version of the paid and proprietary software.Some of the examples of paid & proprietary software are: windows, Microsoft office,Adobe photoshop,etc.

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